Brand: Shore2Sea

Our Story

Shore 2 Sea was thought about, talked about and finally came to fruition in 2022. Clementina (that’s me) studied surface pattern design at De Montfort University, many moons ago. I have tinkered with some designing over the years and have worked with textiles and ceramics. I also spent a few years teaching before opening up a little gift shop in the seaside town of Teignmouth in Devon.

I have been lucky enough to have spent the majority of my life living in Teignmouth and can’t imagine living anywhere else, with the exception of a remote island in the caribbean.

We enjoy walking with our fur baby Maggie, a black labrador who is seven months and full of energy. Living near enough to dartmoor, we are able to enjoy a mix of rural and coastal surroundings. I love the sea, the sand and most water activities apart from snorkeling, I’m not a fan.

My partner Karl, who is a fan of snorkeling, is the driving force behind Shore2Sea and although I don’t like to admit it, the idea would still be in my head and not have been actioned without his encouragement, support and brains. He is one in a million!

There are also 2 and 3 in a million and these are my two amazing teenage boys, Luke and Oliver. They have helped me out with technical support, the mindfield of social media and are always keen to put some constructive criticism my way.

We all are owners of a drybag, I take mine swimming and rowing, Oli takes his out on his boat, Luke takes his camping and Karl takes his kayaking and walking ( usually filled to the brim with snacks, spare jackets and a first aid kit). So, they are very useful and keep things dry, if you remember to roll the top.

But, they are so boring….. Or were until we decided to add something extra. We talked and talked about how we could make them more exciting, eye-catching and fun to use. I worked on a few designs, whilst Karl worked out how they were going to be produced. In January 2023 we launched our first dry bag range at the giving and living show and the rest is yet to come……..

We hope you enjoy them on Shore or Sea and keep an eye out for many more designs coming soon.

Best Wishes,

Clementina, Karl, Luke, Oli, Maggie, Steve and Bruce ( the resident cats, who love to make use of the dry bags, for sleeping purposes ) x